Family Selling Diamond Ring on Craigslist Robbed, One Killed

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At least here, the robbery will only be metaphorical.
If you've ever wondered why Craigslist will never replace brick-and-mortar resellers, this story is for you: A family in Edgewood, just east of Tacoma, was terrorized last night by four gun-wielding robbers who'd come after seeing an ad listing a diamond ring for sale.

The three men and one woman went to the secluded home posing as buyers. They flashed cash at the door to gain entry, then, when they were let in, they shot and killed the 43-year-old father, tied up the mom and youngest son and assaulted a teenage boy who tried to intervene.

Police were alerted when one of the boys managed to call 911. But by the time they arrived the suspects had already fled.

Because the original contact between buyer and thieves was made online, Pierce County authorities have a long digital trail to follow to find their men (and woman). Unfortunately, that's about the only positive thing that comes from getting robbed via Craigslist. Which remains a great tool if you've got to get rid of a 10-year-old couch, but less so if you're looking to unload anything of real value.

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