Families of Cops Killed by Maurice Clemmons Sue for $134 Million

Clemmons talked about declaring "war" on cops during phone calls recorded in jail.
Families of three of the Lakewood police officers murdered by Maurice Clemmons say that the deaths of their loved ones could have been prevented, if only someone had bothered to listen.

Clemmons was never shy about what he wanted to accomplish: he even told relatives around a Thanksgiving dinner table that his main objective was to kill cops. A claim he also made multiple times while talking on the phone in a Pierce County jail.

The jail recorded Clemmons' phone calls, as it does for all of its 1,400 inmates. And those tapes are at the center of the victim's lawsuits. As Attorney Bob Christie told The Seattle Times, "Anyone listening to that would have done something with that information."

The problem: the county doesn't have the time, money or personnel to monitor the calls. A fact Christie hopes will change as a result of his client's $134 million lawsuit.

"If someone isn't paying attention to high-profile prisoners who are threatening in specific terms ... then that needs to change," he told The Times.

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