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Here, horsey!
In 2005, the Seattle Times' report on the man who died from a perforated colon while having sex with a horse in Enumclaw was the year's most-read article on the paper's website here in highly educatedSeattle. Four follow-up stories also made the newspaper's top 20 list. When columnist Danny Westneat wrote about how popular the horse-sex stories were, that column shot to the top of the most-read list.

The horse-sex-with-man affair was also high on an Associated Press list of top state stories in 2005, and was the fifth most-read web story at Seattle Weekly.

Last week, a Daily Weekly story about Douglas Spink's alleged bestiality compound north of Bellingham was the Most Viewed blog piece, and remains second-most this week. The Times' story on Spink went to number one overnight, ahead of important political, court and business stories. It remains atop the list and heads the most-e-mailed story category as well. Altogether, the Times has published eight stories on the case, according to its website, drawing more than 200 comments.

Just sayin': Should any editor in the downsized newspaper world still be wondering what the public wants to read these days, well -- whiiiinney!

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