Amazon Is Basically the Online Wal-Mart Now

wal mart.jpg
The offline Amazon.
Last September, The New York Times asked "Can Amazon Be the Wal-Mart of the Web?" Now they've answered their own question: yes, yes it can.

Amazon, it writes, has reached its "long-expected inversion point." Which sounds like something you'd encounter when trying to produce cold fusion, but is actually just a more complicated way of saying that the online retailer now sells more other stuff than it does media stuff, the stuff it sold when that's all it sold.

This is not only a "long-expected" transformation, it's also expected to be a welcome one as well. Because of iTunes, iBook and the inevitably brilliant creations that are bound to come from Google, the competition for your media dollar has never been fiercer.

Which is why it makes good sense to rely less on making that dollar. And more for Amazon to be, as they put it, "the world's general store."

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