Young People Using Axe Body Spray to Set Themselves on Fire

Things started going downhill for Billy after he set fire to the school bathroom.
In the never ending battle between adolescent males and boredom, five sixth graders from Federal Way have won a major victory. Or they've done something very stupid. It really depends on where you stand on the issue of homemade flamethrowers.

Officials at the Federal Way School District say that over the last six weeks they've caught five students at Saghalie and Lakota Middle Schools lighting themselves on fire. Their accelerant of choice? Axe body spray, which as this YouTube video demonstrates, is highly flammable.

All five were expelled pending the completion of a fire safety course with South King County Fire and Rescue. And parents in Federal Way were sent a letter urging them to be on the lookout for signs that their youngin' is using the popular cologne in ways that are suspicious.

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