Washington Huskies in the NCAA Tournament: Vegas Likes 'em, History Doesn't

Lorenzo Romar.jpg
Vegas thinks Coach Romar might dance into the second round.
Despite the protests of some biased observers, the Pac-10 only has two teams in this year's NCAA tournament. Logically, this makes sense. The Pac-10 was terrible this year. A fact best exemplified by the Washington Huskies 11 seed, an almost historically low rank for the winner of a major conference championship.

History says that the Huskies actually would have been better off seeded one spot lower, as 12 seeds have won 34 percent of their first-round games versus the 31 percent winning percentage for 11 seeds. (Huge caveat alert: the small sample size here renders nearly any conclusion moot. Except for mine. My conclusions are always right. Always.)

But while past performance says the streaking Huskies are likely to get bounced, Vegas says they're a good bet to do the bouncing. Current odds have Washington as only a one-point underdog to Marquette. Which means, for those Pac-10 apologists who think the conference got robbed, it's time to put your money where your mouth is.

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