Vancouver Deputy Edward Bylsma Sues Burger King for Loogie on His Whopper

Another way: spit in his Whopper.
Last March, K-9 Deputy Edward Bylsma ordered a Whopper at the drive-in of a Vancouver, Washington Burger King. Bylsma got a bad vibe from the young clerk who handed him his food. So he carefully peeled away the bottom patty from the bun and, sure enough, found underneath a slimy white loogie.

Gary Herb, the 22-year-old Burger King employee who served Bylsma his Whopper, was convicted of third degree assault and served a short stint in jail. DNA testing later revealed it was he who had hocked the mouth missile.

Another employee who, like Herb, has a criminal record, wasn't charged with a crime. But according to a suit filed by Bylsma in Clark County Superior Court, the mysterious co-worker is alleged to have hepatitis, and was urged by Burger King to avoid getting tested.

Bylsma's attorney says that since "the incident" her client has been unable to eat anything other than home prepared meals, suffers insomnia, and worries about contracting hepatitis or other food-borne diseases. She also says he's haunted because this wasn't his first trip to this particular Burger King.

Through his lawsuit, Bylsma says he is seeking a change in Burger King's hiring and supervision policies, although it's not really known what effect one could have that might prevent minimum-wage-earning fast-food employees from taking out their grievances on a customer's food.

He's also seeking unspecified damages, as if that wasn't already abundantly clear.

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