Twisp Police Chief Wants to Make It Illegal to Be Mean

Twisp's plan for economic recovery.
Apparently the tiny town of Twisp has a big problem with bad words. How else to explain a proposed law from police chief Rob Hall, who wants to fine residents for "abusive language," also known as making it illegal to be mean.

Hall just moved to the 1,000-person town from Virginia last month. A state where cursing is considered a misdemeanor. Under his new ordinance, potty-mouths in Twisp would be treated like speeders, with a maximum ticketed fine of $50.

Hall's boss, the mayor, insists his new police chief isn't trying to enforce Southern politeness on his neighbors. But he also tells The Wenatchee World that foul-mouthed outlaws aren't exactly rampant. As for real outlaws, well that's another f$#%@($ story.

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