12,000 Sympathetic Canadians Move to Keep Marc Emery at Home

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He may be a weed dealer, but he's their weed dealer.
Toke of the Town has the news that friends of Marc Emery--about 12,000 of them--have signed a petition urging Canadian officials not to deliver Vancouver's self-proclaimed Prince of Pot into the clutches of U.S. penal system.

Last year, Emery agreed to the plea deal that has him scheduled to serve a five-year term in U.S. Emery, along with two other associates, was indicted back in 2005 after being accused of running a highly lucrative business selling seeds of B.C. bud through the mail.

He was, of course. And as Rick Anderson reported in 2007, he was pretty unapologetic about it too.

Because much of his customer base was located in the states, U.S. law enforcement officials had been after him for years. Now members of three of Canada's major political parties (Conservative, Liberal and something called New Democrat) are scheduled to submit the petition to the Canadian parliament.

The move probably won't persuade Canada's attorney general not to sign Emery's extradition papers. But it might score them some points with the legions of marijuana growers, not to mention the consumers. Because if they organize a petition drive, sooner or later they'll get around to registering to vote.

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