Shantina Smiley and her son have been missing for two days.
UPDATE: A boys body has washed up near where Smiley and her son were


Shantina Smiley and Son Azriel Are Missing After Their Van Is Found in Puget Sound

Shantina Smiley and her son have been missing for two days.
UPDATE: A boys body has washed up near where Smiley and her son were last seen. Details after the jump.

On Saturday night, Shantina Smiley and her eight-year-old son Azriel were driving from Silverdale to Castle Rock to visit her stepfather. They haven't been seen since.

The gold van driven by the 29-year-old portrait photographer was recovered later that night. Its doors were open, and it was partially submerged in a cove in Budd's Inlet, 12 miles away from Olympia.

Inside the van police found Smiley's wallet. Her credit cards and identification were still in it, but her purse was missing.

Thurston County authorities say Smiley has no history of mental illness. But the events leading up to her disappearance are certainly strange.

Smiley left Silverdale with Azriel at 5 p.m. About an hour and a half later, she called her fiancee Robb Simmons to ask if he could bring the cell phone she'd forgotten at home. She also said Azriel was hungry, and that she'd be pulling off I-5 to get some food.

Simmons says that Smiley stopped at the Martin Way Diner around 9 p.m. But after buying food she left without taking it, then fell down in the parking lot.

The van Smiley was driving when she disappeared. Police found it partially submerged in water.
Smiley called her grandfather around 10 p.m. from a stranger's house to tell him she was lost, but OK. The people who helped her place the call said she appeared disoriented. Smiley told her grandfather she'd been in an accident, but investigators found only minor damage to the bumper when they recovered her van.

Simmons says his fiancee is 5'9'' and around 145 pounds. She has five tattoos, including a Roman symbol on the back of her neck and tattoos on each of her wrists. Her son Azriel is 4'8'' with a blond mohawk.

UPDATE: Nothing seems off about Smiley in this video of her and Azriel entering a convenience store. She reportedly paid for a corn dog, but forgot to take it with her.

Meanwhile, the P-I talked with the elderly couple who last saw Smiley the night she disappeared.

The elderly couple who lived nearby said they let Smiley use their phone to call her grandfather, gave her son a piece of pizza, and then directed her back to the freeway. She wasn't heard from again.

"The homeowners said she acted nervous because she was lost," Mealy said. She was not injured but spoke of an accident, which investigators believe may have been a reference to falling down at the diner.

Mealy said that as she left the home, Smiley made another series of driving errors that eventually led her to a hard-to-find dirt path and driving onto the beach.

"It gets dark up there. It gets really, really dark," Mealy said. "I was there Sunday afternoon. I had trouble finding that trail in the daylight."

UPDATE: Smiley's fiancee said she relapsed last week. But he doesn't believe her disappearance has anything to do with her drinking.

The Thurston County Sheriff's Office called of the search for Smiley earlier this morning. Hours after the father of her son flew in from New York to pick up where rescue crews left off.

UPDATE: Despite the fact that her fiancee claimed Smiley would never drink around her son, police now say she bought a jug of wine the night she went missing.

The same jug that washed up, half-empty, on the shore near where Smiley's car was found partially submerged. Also recovered were two mismatched leather shoes and an inhaler that may have belonged to Azriel.

UPDATE: Investigators are saying they think the body is that of 8-year-old Azriel.

The body was found by a woman walking her dog along the beach on Fox Island. The clothes match the description of what the boy had been wearing when he disappeared. Smiley is still missing.

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