Sanjaya, "American Idol" Hair Model, Caught Speeding 50 MPH Over Limit

The latest cover of "Bengal Tiger Beat."
Federal Way's Sanjaya Malakar enjoyed a brief run as "American Idol's" non-threatening Indian kid who couldn't sing very well. What's he been up to since?

Before yesterday, the answer to that question was, "Who knows and who cares?" Now it's been modified to, "Driving too damn fast."

Malakar was pulled over on Tuesday night after cops clocked him going 110 mph on I-405 near Kirkland. Exactly 50 mph over the posted limit. (Who's non-threatening now?)

Cops don't suspect drugs or alcohol played a factor. They're leaning more towards an alternate theory: that Sanjaya was speeding just to see what it'd be like to have a brisk wind blowing through those long locks of his.

Seriously, look at those teased bangs. He's like the Farrah Fawcett of untalented D-listers.

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