Rob McKenna Now BFF With Val Stevens, Other Crazies

The ironic thing is that Sen. Stevens has been legislating against strange bedfellows like these her entire career.
Attorney General Rob McKenna's decision to challenge ObamaCare may not be constitutionally sound. But at least its won him the respect of crazy people.

Pete Jackson at Crosscut points out that thanks to his recently discovered love of politically expedient obstructionism, McKenna has earned some strange new bedfellows. Moving from the warm center of the legislative Serta to the freezing cold far-right, right next to Val "Sex Kitten" Stevens.

What does this mean for McKenna? He's now cozied up to a woman that, in this session alone, has introduced bills that would end the popular election of U.S. Senators, promote secession from the Union and demand the government obtain DNA samples from all illegal aliens.

The good news for McKenna: if the Snohomish County senator's career arc is indicative of his own political future, he'll likely get saner as he ages. After all, it was over 30 years ago that Stevens sued the IRS, claiming she didn't have to pay taxes because she's white. She's really mellowed out since then.

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