Renton "Prayer Warriors" Take On City's First All Nude Strip Club

sin rock
Stripper poles and Renton, together at last.
Based on the name, you'd think there wasn't much that could upset the members of Renton's Celebration Church.

But then nothing pisses off the saved like an all nude strip club--which just happens to have the greatest name in the history of strip clubs--opening up in their town.

Church members packed Renton City Hall on Monday for a public hearing on last week's opening of Club Sin Rock. Read that name again, and then imagine how different your life would be if the Mayflower pilgrims had landed on it instead of the Plymouth.

Pastor David McAlister tells KOMO that he, along with his flock, is worried about prostitution and all of the other social ills they say accompany strip clubs.

It's a legitimate concern, especially given the case of Rick's, which as Rick Anderson detailed is as much house of exotic dance as brothel.

While prevented by federal law from banning strip clubs outright, the Renton City Council instituted a six-month moratorium on licensing any additional adult businesses while the city attempts to beef up its anti-adult-entertainment ordinances.

But church members remain worried over the prospect of another strip club opening, and are hoping to pray their way to a g-string-diva-less Renton. "If you put temptation in front of people, its easier for them to give in to that temptation," posits church member Laurie Palmer.

Also in flawed logic: If you dunk someone in a well of water and they drown then it means they're not a witch.

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