Reader: Woodland Park's Elephants Definitely Have Herpes

A painful death for little guys like this is all but guaranteed, says a reader.
Reader Nancy responds to Complaint Over Elephant Breeding Raises the Question: Is Chai Infected With Herpes or Not?

"I have reviewed the zoo's own medical records for the elephants. Chai may be infected with this virus because she has been exposed to the African elephant, Watoto, since 1980.

Watoto is definitely infected with the same strain of herpesvirus that killed Hansa - EEHV3a. There is no "faint" about it. The test that was done to detect this virus is not quantitative, that is, it cannot tell how much of the virus Watoto has, simply the fact that she's infected with it. The zoo has tried to claim that she only has a 'faint' case of it which is untrue and completely misleading."

"Any calf born at the zoo will be exposed to this deadly virus which the zoo's own vets have said appears to be much deadlier than previous forms of the virus that have been identified. It appears to target more organ systems and more types of blood vessels as it causes hemorrhaging throughout the body.

Hansa experienced a gruesome death and any other calf is likely to suffer the same if born at Woodland Park. Obviously that very real possibility is somehow acceptable to the zoo. It's hard to understand such completely callous thinking."

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