Reader: Not Enough Cops to Enforce New Panhandling Law

These guys are already in high demand as it is.
Reader sarah68 responds to Tim Burgess's Aggressive Panhandling Crackdown Doesn't Solve a Problem That Doesn't Exist.

"Very good article, Caleb.

"I live in Lake City, and you'd think that since all the discussion about this ordinance concerns downtown Seattle -- specifically, the Pioneer Square area -- I wouldn't be interested. But it's a CITY ordinance. It will affect the whole City.

"Mr. Burgess, when asked just how the people who will be affected (the panhandlers) will be notified of the ordinance, said that police will do outreach 90 days before it takes effect. So...we don't have enough police to actually patrol Pioneer Square to observe and control this problem of aggressive panhandling, but those inadequate numbers of police are going to fan out across the City and notify everyone?

"Inclding the growing population of homeless people in my neighborhood, some of whom are quite harmless, polite panhandlers and who sometimes stray within 15 feet of an ATM? This is just ridiculous.

Hire some security guards, DSA merchants, and let the City Council and the City Attorney's office work on more important matters."

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