Reader: The Three Stooges Debate the Merits of Tazing Pregnant Women

"Taze a pregnant chick? Why you'd have to be crazy, nyuk nyuk."
Reader Henry responds to Ninth District Court of Appeals Is Cool With Tasering of Pregnant Women.

"My imagined conversation among the three stooges, er, officers:

"Moe: She won't sign. Whaddaya think about Tazing her.

"Curly: Didn't the legislature say that people don't have to sign for tickets anymore?

"Moe: Yeah, so what?

"Larry: Well, she's pregnant... if we taze her, one way or another it's likely to cost the city a lot of money.

"Moe: But she won't sign!"

"Curly: If we taze her, we'll look like idiots, or worse, the Gestapo.

"Moe: But she won't sign! I can't let a woman get the best of me. Buzzzzzap...


"Your playwright is in California, where he had been thinking that our state had permanent rights to the title of 'crazy.' But I guess we gotta share the title with you guys in Washington now.

"Ay yi yi."

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