Reader: Chai the Elephant's Situation Is Symbolic of What's Wrong With Zoos

An elephant never forgets...the 56 times some stranger put a tube up its hoo-ha.
Reader Ruth Kildall responds to Chai the Elephant Is Probably Not Going to Enjoy What Happens Next.

"True animal respecters (notice I didn't say lovers) recognize that zoos are an anachronism. Zoos are kept alive by people who have degrees they want to use. The sorry excuse is conservation.

If people were truly and honestly interested in the animals' welfare and conservation they would advocate for sanctuaries, and they would advocate for closure of zoos. All the millions that are spent on zoos, of which most go to salaries, should go to the countries where the animals come from and where they belong.

If these self appointed conservationists don't trust the local people to run the conservation programs, there are several international groups that will lend expertise and support. The elephant debacle is just symbolic of what's wrong with zoos."

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