Reader: A Young, Black Man Threatening to Kill President Obama Is Depressing

Careful it isn't poisoned, Mr. President.
Reader Gregory A. Pierson responds to Jay Martin, Twitterer Who Wished Death Upon Obama, Might Hear From FBI Soon.

"It's sad enough that our President has received more death threats than any US President in history and has been assailed by whites and ultra conservative Reps and Dems, but to have a Black man (and a young one at that) openly advocating the murder of the man is a sad commentary on the attitudes of our youth in the 21st Century. No Morals. No Social Compass, faith or conviction. To top it off he put his 'irrational' qoute on a social networking site that placed him on the spot.

"A man in La Mesa CA was convicted of such an action late in 2009. He was White, and made the same statement when he was visited by the FBI. Good luck to this fool. Hope you get a warm cot and a stiff rod up your ass in prison. A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

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