Patty Murray Opponent Chris Widener Slaps Her With a Scarlet "O"

Remember when that sunburst was a symbol of hope?
Chris Widener, a motivational speaker with a working knowledge of Snoop Dogg's oeuvre, and one of Patty Murray's seven announced Republican opponents, launched a new attack against the three-term incumbent this week with the Web site The site consists of a series of questions like "Who supports keeping the tax burden on families low?" You'll never guess the answer.

More importantly, notice that the "O" in "Not" is that same rising sun logo of Barack Obama's presidential campaign that voters once proudly displayed on car bumpers and t-shirts.

Widener's site echoes a theme that's permeating Republican campaigns this year--tying vulnerable Dems as closely as possible to Obama and hoping that the ever-fickle public will vote them down for it.

And why not, the LA Times reports today that Obama's approval rating has dipped below his disapproval rating for the first time in his presidency.

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a spot this week targeting Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-W.V.). The ad is about Mollohan's support for earmarks and position on health care, but throughout, the darkened heads of Obama and Pelosi hover behind him.

A National Republican Senatorial Committee ad says Brad Ellsworth, running to replace the exiting Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh, will be "a reliable rubber stamp of the Obama, (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi, (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid spending spree." It ends with an image of the three Democrats, Obama's face front and center.

And to think that only a year or two ago, Obama-association helped you get elected.

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