Naked Woman Tied to Tree Wanted to Be There

"No thanks, Officers. I'm good."
On Tuesday, around 1 p.m.,Tacoma police got a call saying a naked woman was tied to a tree in Pt. Defiance Park. The tip, which came from a nanny walking her kids to the beach, was located near where another woman had recently been sexually assaulted.

But when police arrived on scene they didn't see a crime in progress. Instead they found two very consenting, very unclothed, adults.

KIRO says that cops found a 19-year-old Gig Harbor woman and a 39-year-old Sammamish man stretched out on a blue plastic tarp, "naked and exhausted," and engaged in a sex act.

The amorous pair told police they both enjoyed outdoor sex. And that they'd tried to find a spot far enough away from the main path so they wouldn't be spotted.

Pierce County prosecutors now have to decide whether the couple will be charged. Although common sense says the embarrassment is probably punishment enough.

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