'Nation Under God Headquarters' Exerting Intense Health-Care Pressure on Brian Baird and Adam Smith Via Fax

Beware "the homosexuals, lesbians, Human Rights Campaign, and MoveOn.org!"
There's something atavistic about the sound of a fax machine. The hum and whir is a retro token of life before the Internet, or its early days, like the old AOL dial-up tone. So it's fitting that my fax machine just spat out a warning to on-the-fence congressmen Brian Baird and Adam Smith as to how they should vote this Sunday on the health-care reform bill. Forget about Facebook or Twitter; the lobbying concern known as America Forever sends out its press releases by fax, as befits a Utah organization that lists its address as "Political Square, Nation Under God Headquarters." And God apparently prefers fax to email, or at least that's the logic of a group that warns,

"Remember: How many died in our historical Civil War? Is health care reform to create total government control or to trigger a chain of events leading to civil unrest and state separation from the union? Either way the Constitution will DIE... But who wins?"

It seems this whole health-care bill is a plot on the part of "a grim Moloch of a President, who is lying and deceiving and trampling under foot our God-given rights." But, wait, did God write the U.S. Constitution? Or did He deliver the 10 Commandments via fax machine? We'll have to brush up on our history. In the meantime, study the full America Forever release after the jump. Read it, Reps. Baird and Smith--if you dare!

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