Michael Carlson Accused of Shooting Wife 10 Times, Burning Down His House, Then Blaming It All on the Mob

Guys like this usually don't leave hand-written confessions for the cops.
On January 3, fire trucks were called to the Tacoma home of Michael and Laura Carlson. When they arrived, the found the house engulfed in flames and Laura's body in the bedroom, with Carlson standing over her.

Neighbors told police that Carlson looked as if he was trying to save his wife. Despite being on fire himself, he couldn't be restrained as he ran back yelling, "My wife is inside!"

But if Carlson's behavior at the scene said "anguished spouse," the facts that would be revealed later indicated something very different.

At the hospital, Carlson was treated for wounds to hands and his back, injuries doctors said were consistent with him having direct contact with the fire. The fire that killed Laura was also the third suspicious blaze at the home in 10 years. The other two remain unsolved.

When firefighters doused the flames they found Laura's body riddled with 10 gunshot wounds. The smell of fuel was overpowering and gas cans were scattered in the living room. They also found a five-page document on the windshield of Carlson's truck.

In it, self-identified mobsters wrote that they'd tried to kill the Carlsons for some undisclosed reason. Knowing that it's not the mob's m.o. to confess to murder and arson, police began to suspect Michael might be behind the murder of his wife. A hunch later confirmed when they traced the mob confession back to his computer.

A warrant has been issued for Carlson's arrest. But scarily enough, Tacoma police don't know where he is.

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