Mariners Commercials Fail to Make Use of Crazy Milton Bradley's Acting Chops

Yes, the 2010 Seattle Mariners commercials -- like "Running Catch," featuring a golf-ball-snagging Franklin Gutierrez -- are cute. But they fail to draw from newest Mariner Milton Bradley's significant well of crazy. And just as you don't trade for a bat only to leave it on the bench, you also don't trade for a loon and keep him off camera.

The other four clips, after the jump.

David Aardsma shows off his creepy portraiture in "Immortalized."

King Felix annoys the hell out of Cliff Lee in "What's in a name?"

I know "Next Big Thing" is supposed to be making fun of the Mariners crazy marketing guy, but I would totally buy a shirt with a hyphen on it.

Meh. A clip called "Meaningful Moments" featuring Ichiro and Junior could've been so much better.

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