Jessica Struthers' Dead Baby Being Used as Tax Write-Off by Stranger

Little Ava
Heaven is probably full of people who fibbed on their taxes. But among that illustrious group, it's a good bet that none of them ever did anything as heinous as what was done to Jessica Struthers and her husband Matt Bock.

Last August, Jessica and Matt's 21-month-old daughter Ava drowned in the Blaine family's above-ground pool. Adding insult to the tragedy, Matt found out later that the IRS had rejected his tax return. The reason: someone else had claimed Ava as their daughter.

The fraudulent stranger had used the deceased little girl's social security number, name and birthday as a means to get a little extra cash. By doing so, they added an extra burden on top of the weight Jessica and Matt were already carrying after the death of their daughter: now they have to prove to the government that Ava was actually their child.

As Matt told KOMO, the stranger "used (Ava's) death to their advantage." And also ensured themselves a not-so-pleasant conversation with St. Peter when the time arrives.

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