James Sikes, Owner of Runaway Prius, Is Heavily in Debt, May Have Faked the Whole Thing

Who dares distrust the word of a bankrupt swinger?
James Sikes made news the other day when a California Highway Patrol officer had to help him stop his runaway Toyota Prius, which Sikes claimed had unexpectedly accelerated to 94 mph. But the glare of a national spotlight has cast light on some cobwebs in Sikes's recent past, secrets that cast doubt on his credibility.

According to an investigation by motorhead blog Jalopnik, Sikes and his wife filed for bankruptcy in 2008 with $700,000 in debt. Including over $20,000 owed on the leased Prius he claims has a mind of its own.

That's a deep hole to shovel out of. So it's not a surprise that some are saying Sikes may have faked the incident.

(His 911 call is of particular interest to Jalopnik commenters, who are poring over all 24 minutes of audio like Kennedy conspiracists might comb Zapruder's film, straining to hear false notes of manufactured panic.)

Sikes responded to Jalopnik with a heavily exclamated screed about the "SLANDEROUS" media. Which is ironic considering he's loaned his story to every major outlet that will have him, even while they've largely ignored the relevant fact that Sikes has filed a number of shady insurance claims in the past. And the equally irrelevant, thought tittilating, angle that Sikes owns and operates an adult swingers web site (SFW).

Hard evidence.

Talk about revving your engines. VROOM VROOM!

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