Francisco Valdivia-Enriquez, West Seattle Youth Soccer Coach, Charged With Child Molestation

Valdivia-Enriquez (NOT PICTURED, this is just a generic shot of some soccer balls) allegedly tried to trade playing time for sex.
Francisco "Javier" Valdivia-Enriquez does not sound like the kind of man you'd want coaching your son's soccer team. Nor chaperoning him on a trip to the movies, either.

Last November, the 38-year-old coach of a West Seattle youth team took some of his players to an Auburn theater to see a flick. But rather than buying the kids Cokes and popcorn, Valdivia-Enriquez allegedly gave them tequila. Then followed that with a round of beers at his Highland Park home, where he allegedly fondled the boys as well.

Police were tipped off by a concerned parent. And that led to even more allegations from a total of nine boys, ranging in age from 13 to 15.

One player said Valdivia-Enriquez had promised him free run with his credit cards and increased playing time if he had sex with him. Another said the coach had pulled down his shorts, given him beer and asked him to be his "boyfriend."

Valdivia-Enriquez was allegedly able to keep his creepy coaching techniques under wraps for two years thanks to threats. He told the kids he'd disband the team if they told their parents. And some of the boys said they were afraid to speak because they thought their coach had a gun.

Shortly after police started investigating, the coach sold both his cars, gave away his cell phone and left his house without telling his landlord where he was going. Family members say they've since seen Valdivia-Enriquez in Guadalajara.

If and when Valdivia-Enriquez is caught he'll be facing eight felony counts, including child molestation, and $500,000 bail.

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