Denny Heck Can't Spell Glenn Beck, but He Can Spell F-E-A-R

glenn beck looks nuts.jpg
Frightened yet?
Former politician Denny Heck would very much like to replace Rep. Brian Baird in Washington's 3rd Congressional District. Which means he'd very much like to link his prospective opponents to the two scariest specters in progressive politics: Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

As Joel Connelly reports, Heck claims that both of the Republican candidates for Baird's seat have "embraced the divisive Tea Party movement" in a campaign shakedown letter. Which means they've given great big bear hugs to "Sarah Palin and Glen (minus an "n") Beck."

Heck best beware. If Tea Partiers are willing to hang Sen. Patty Murray for her policy decisions, imagine what torture they'll be willing to inflict on someone who dares misspell the name of their patron saint.

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