Dana and Douglas Weller, Couple Suing Toyota For Depreciation, Guilty of Unintended Douchery

Even this guy knows better than to think a new car keeps all its value.
The mysterious unintended acceleration affecting some Toyotas is a legitimate problem that, in grand American fashion, seems to be attracting all sorts of illegitimates.

First there was James Sikes, the Californian whose terrifying yarn about a Prius with a mind of its own slowly unraveled over the past week. Now there's Dana and Douglas Weller, a Normandy Park couple instigating a class-action lawsuit on the merits that Toyota, well, sold them a car?

As The Seattle Times tells it, the Weller's lawyer says that his clients bought their 2009 RAV4 in September, shortly before the first in a series of recalls. When the Wellers tried to resell the car they'd just bought, though, they "were told its value is 20 percent less than what it was worth less than six months ago."

This means one of two things. Either the Wellers, like Sikes, are acting in bad faith. Or they're the first two people in the history of mankind to reach the age of consent without hearing the adage about a car losing 15 percent of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Joining the Wellers are a reported 100 other Washington Toyota owners, seeking in excess of $5 million to cover the lost value of their cars. Little is known about the Wellers or their co-defendants, but it's thought that they are all somehow related to that lady who sued McDonald's because her coffee was too hot.

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