Couples Counseling Session at Federal Way Church Ends in Murder

Despite the location, the couple's attempt at reconciliation did not go well.
On Wednesday afternoon, a Lakewood couple sought marital counseling at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Federal Way. Hours later, one of them was dead.

The 42-year-old suspect and his wife were in a couples therapy session at the church when the suspect abruptly stood up to leave the room. The church counselor, Tyler Stahl, told police that the suspect pulled out a gun and pointed at his wife, telling both of them not to move. He fired several shots, and the victim was struck three times in the chest. At around 6pm, he called 911 and then waited for police to arrive.

Neighbors tell KIRO that the couple's marital issues have been boiling since earlier in the week, when witnesses saw the husband chasing the victim down the street while screaming profanities. Following the shooting, she was taken to Harborview where she later died.

The suspect was arraigned this afternoon in King County Court. Bail has been set for $5 million.

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