Tight-end Clint has a game plan to tackle Patty
Shall we call the November Senate election now and save the time, money and tedium? No


Clint Didier, Patty Murray Opponent, Running on His (Super Bowl) Record

Tight-end Clint has a game plan to tackle Patty
Shall we call the November Senate election now and save the time, money and tedium? No other state congressional incumbent has more official challengers than Sen. Patty Murray, but no one has more money, exposure, or ability to dole out federal funds, either. The three-term Democrat is so far officially opposed by eleven Republicans and one Independent who together have raised roughly $155,000 compared to Murray's nearly $9 million, of which she's already spent about $4 million. Opponents might be lucky to raise in total what Murray took in during one day last month, $500,000, at a Seattle fundraiser featuring Vice President Joe Biden.

The incumbent is so far running against mostly unknowns and little-knowns, such as state Sen. Don Benton. Others include author Chris Widener of Preston, Seattle chiropractor Sean Salazar, Lynnwood physician Arthur Coday, Vancouver energy trader Craig Williams and Marysville businessman Rod Reiger. But there is also former NFL player and Super Bowler Clint Didier, who just picked up the endorsement of Bellevue developer and GOP leader Kemper Freeman, who has also become Didier's state financial chairman. That could fill up the coffers for the farm kid who went on to play for the Washington Redskins, something he's making the most of in an attempted return to D.C.

"Where else," he says, "can the son of a potato farmer from a small town in Eastern Washington rise to play in the stardom of a Super Bowl?" His campaign emphasizes his football career as a 6-5 tight end for the Redskins, pointing out he even threw the block that cleared the way for John Riggins' winning touchdown in Super Bowl XVII.

"Following my NFL career," says Didier, "I came home to work the farm, coach other young men, and now to repay a debt to my country for what it's given me." And of course he has a "game plan," and not an unexpected one for a farmer from the Right Side of the mountains. According to a story posted on his website:

Disgusted at the confirmation of Obama administration officials such as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who failed to pay social security or self-employment taxes from 2001 to 2004, and former "Green Jobs" czar Van Jones, who has Marxist affiliations and believes in 9/11 conspiracy theories, Didier announced at a Tea Party held last month in the Tri-Cities that he was considering running for the U.S. Senate next year against Democrat Patty Murray. In his speech, he proclaimed that "I can honestly say I do not trust my government."

Notes the interviewer: "People tell Clint that he has no chance to beat Patty Murray. But people have been underestimating Didier his whole life. Clint told me that you have to play football with 'controlled rage.' And he plans to take that controlled rage back to Washington, D.C. to fight for limited government based on the Constitution."

To that end, he has so far raised $89,000, one percent of Murray's haul. But, as Didier surely would say, it's a long season.

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