Chai the Elephant Is Probably Not Going to Enjoy What Happens Next

Photo by Ric Brewer, Woodland Park Zoo.
Thankfully, no one at the zoo has yet figured out how to work the zoom button.
Or maybe she will. I can honestly say I have no idea what it feels like to be an elephant, let alone one that's gotten artificially inseminated with bull semen from Albequerque. (Though I do hear New Mexico makes some mean pachyderm spunk.)

Woodland Park Zoo's decision to impregnate Chai the elephant is making some people very upset. She's miscarried once, and lost another child to the herpes virus.

Those angry people found there way to Wallyhood Phinneywood (where we got this picture), and then released all sorts of venom that we never knew could be associated with the clinical sexing up of an elephant. Let's here what they have to say, shall we?

The zoo is being run by monsters. These people have no conscience at all. I'm sick to my stomach over these nasties who are running this zoo. This is a zoo being run by sadistic sociopaths.
I call upon the zoo's administrators to resign in disgrace. This is just the last straw. They have no regard whatsoever for the lives of their animals. I'm just so sick of this rank exploitation. Deborah Jensen is ruthlessly ambitious and climbing the AZA corporate ladder. What a "rhymes with witch".
I've been following this issue in detail. I used to work at the zoo. Nancy Hawkes is a sociopathic, certifiable baby elephant killer along with that sadistic sociopath, Bruce Bohmke and laughable pseudo zoo director, Deborah Jensen. They should all be run out of town on a rail, greased of course. Oh, and let's not forget that sorry excuse for a head vet, Darin Collins, who never hesitates to throw zoo animals under the proverbial bus.
Wow. Final thought, irrespective of insemination outrage: if you ever find yourself on the business end of a multi-ton wild animal, do what the guy in the khakis did and volunteer for tail duty.
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