Bike-Riding Bank Robber Represents Everything That's Wrong With This Recession

Not the bike bandit. But a close approximation.
Time was, bank robbers could make a proper getaway. Like in their own car. Or at least, the car of a friend who didn't quite understand the vagaries of aiding and abetting.

But now we're in the midst of a recession. And it seems no one has managed to avoid the cash-drought, not even the guys who steal it for a living.

Yesterday, a masked man walked into the Key Bank in Woodinville. He drew a gun, jumped up onto the counter and proceeded to grab loot out of two cash drawers. Then he went outside, hopped on to a tiny, red-and-black BMX bike and made the world's most shameful getaway.

Despite the fact that he couldn't have been traveling faster than your average paperboy, the bike bandit managed to pedal his way to freedom. Which highlights possibly the only advantage of robbing a bank on two wheels, or living in an age when many people are too broke to afford proper transportation: at least we're all getting a little more exercise these days.

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