Nate Robinson Asks That You Not Buy This T-Shirt

Pepperl and Isaiah Thomas. #wordaapp
Like a lot of University of Washington grads, Alex Pepperl follows former Husky star Nate Robinson on Twitter. Robinson is a prolific Twitterer with an unusual sign-off: at the end of every Tweet he types "wordaapp."

What's wordaapp?

It's a variation on "word up," except instead of opening a sentence it closes it. Wordaapp's origins are unknown (and probably really banal), but Robinson's constant use of the phrase has increased its popularity amongst Seattle-area Tweeps.

(As an example, check out this Tweet from a UW student, via The SunBreak: "wrote 4/8 pages on India's education system and how education isnt necessarily a social equalizer and how it affects youth culture #wordaapp.")

Pepperl liked wordaapp so much that he and a friend decided to put it on a t-shirt underneath the old SuperSonics logo. This did not sit well with Robinson.

Recently traded to the Boston Celtics, Nate the Great is in the process of trademarking the phrase and turning it into a brand. A brand which would have been in conflict with Pepperl's entrepreneuring. So Robinson's "people" sent over a list of do's and don'ts, which Pepperl says he's happily complying with.

"We're not in this to make money," he says. "We look up to Nate and we'll do anything necessary not to get in his way."

Thankfully for Pepperl, the agreement means he can continue to sell his original t-shirt. (Only $23.99! Buy now! Supplies are limited!) Likewise, Robinson gets to continue annoying followers with his inane recaps of "Lost" episodes.

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