Adrian Beltre's Testicle: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

OK Adrian, no more talk about the littlest Beltre's.
Last August, in what would be his second-to-last month with the team, Mariners third-baseman Adrian Beltre caught a bad hop in the groin and tore his testicle. Cup jokes were made, Ken Griffey Jr. had the PA play "The Nutcracker Suite" before Beltre's first at-bat after coming off the DL and everyone generally had a good laugh about the incident (after wincing, of course).

Beltre, however, had never really talked about what the, um, aftermath of his injury looked like. Until now.

"When I look down, after the game, it wasn't a pretty sight,'' Beltre told The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy. "My testicle got the size of a grapefruit. Thank God it didn't really damage anything. It took me two weeks. It was a tear. A lot of blood inside, but it didn't damage anything. Everything is OK.''

The fan base of Beltre's new team, the Red Sox, are notorious for their voracious demand of any chewable nugget about their team, an appetite the rabid press corp happily sates. But I think we can all agree some details are just TMI.

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