Who's Shooting Seattle's Sea Lions?

How could you kill something so cute?
Five sea lions and one seal have washed up dead on West Seattle beaches this week. West Seattle blog first got wind of the carcasses last night. And today, following on-site necropsies (that'd be autopsies for animals), the National Marine Fisheries Service has announced that all the creatures were felled by gun shot wounds.

Who might be shooting and killing adorable sea creatures is the first thought that comes to mind. And for that there are no answers yet.

Technically, should your life be endangered by a sea lion, you're within your rights to shoot it. But outside of a hammy Steven Seagal flick, it's hard to imagine a scenario in which killing a group of lions is necessary for survival.

A Fisheries employee told the Times it will be doing some ballistics investigating on the recovered bullets. But admitted that finding the sea lion shooter is probably unlikely.

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