Wanted: Ordinary People to Serve as Living, Breathing Props

Are you as funny and charming as Ricky Gervais? No? Then you probably won't be using this gig to launch your acting career.
The only thing worse than trying to find a job is trying to find a job during a recession. To that end, we present Wanted: A weekly look at the weirdest ways to pay the bills in Twenty-Ten.

The Job Extra in films, commercials and TV shows.

The Responsibilities "You may be asked to ride a bicycle, play cards, drink coffee in a coffee shop, or simply talk to someone."

The Qualifications No acting experience necessary. The only qualities required are the abilities to show up on time, follow directions and "look ordinary."

The Pay $150 to $400 a day.

What the Job Description Doesn't Say But Should Do you have dreams of making it big in Hollywood? Do you think your as-yet-unidentified talents mean you deserve a speaking role? You do?

Well then don't apply for this job. Because right now you're just a backdrop with a central nervous system.

Remember those elaborate wooden sets the nerdy kids in high school used to spend months building for the spring production of My Fair Lady? All that separates you from those painted planks of balsa is a frontal lobe and the curse of cognition. Get used to it.

And whatever you do, don't act all entitled like this lady.

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