Wanted: Captain Duck for WWII Amphibious Tourist Trap

ride the duck.jpg
"OH MY GOD, WE'RE GONNA DI -- oh yeah, this thing floats.
The only thing worse than trying to find a job is trying to find a job during a recession. To that end, we present Wanted: A weekly look at the weirdest ways to pay the bills in Twenty-Ten.

The Job Duck Captain for Ride the Ducks of Seattle

The Responsibilities As Captain, it's your job to drive the WWII amphibious vehicle on land and sea, entertain your passengers and do it all without crashing or drowning.

The Qualifications A U.S. Coast Guard Master's license is preferred. A driver's license, boating experience and ability to keep 30 Boeing engineers laughing while on a company-mandated team-building exercise is required.

The Pay $16 an hour, plus tips.

What the Job Description Doesn't Say but Should Must be able to change a flat. And plug a leak.

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