Tourette's Sufferer Sues Starbucks for Discrimination

How is this place supposed to make things easier for Tourette's sufferers?
Robert Friedman of Boca Raton, Fla., has Tourette's syndrome. And according to a lawsuit he's just filed in Palm Beach County Courthouse, the side effects from his inherited disorder led to a rather nasty incident at a Florida Starbucks.

Friedman alleges that workers at the coffee shop violated his civil rights after an episode of Tourette's left him cursing loudly and punching a wall. When customers complained, Friedman says Starbucks employees called the cops and issued him a "No Trespass" warning, despite claims by his lawyer that he apologized for the outburst and told them of his condition.

Starbucks has disputed Friedman's version of the events. But the Florida Commission on Human Relations, which investigates claims of discrimination, did say there was evidence that it did not take steps to accommodate for Friedman's disability. Without actually saying what an accommodation for a man screaming obscenities would look like.

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