This Week's Cover Story: Free in the Key

Every once in a while you have to let Mike Seely run with a sports story.

For weeks, Seely had been talking up the Seattle U Redhawks games at the Key, where some rough-around-the-edges, but highly entertaining, basketball was being played by a team that, after 30 years in the lower rungs of collegiate sports, had just rejoined Division I.

Led by a Husky reject named Chuck Garcia (who's now a strong NBA prospect), and coached by a former Husky assistant, Cameron Dollar (who hired his own Dad to be his assistant), the team is showing signs of reviving the glories of decades past. During its former Division I years, the inner-city Jesuit school sent a dozen players to the NBA--including, most famously, Elgin Baylor ("Dr. J before Dr. J," as Seely puts it)--and even toppled the Harlem Globetrotters. With the team taking over the court recently vacated by the SuperSonics, the city has more than one reason to root for the Redhawks' success.

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