The Saddest SuperSonics Jersey Ever

sad supersonics jersey.JPG
Special polymer fiber effortlessly wicks away your tears.
Are you still not over the way David Stern, the NBA, Howard Schultz and Clay Bennett stole your Supersonics? Are you as creative as you are masochistic? Do you have a spare $10?

Then you just might be the next owner of this "incredibly rare" blank Sonics jersey. From the eBay item description:

This is an awesome NBA throwback jersey and shorts set made by Champion that you could easily customize! Get some one to stitch on DURANT and 35 and you'll have quite the collector's item. Or put KEMP and a "40" to symbolize his number of children. Or put a Starbucks logo on it or perhaps use it to hang Clay Bennett in effigy. Put a 0 on it with ZOMBIES across the front. I don't care what you do with it.
(H/T: SuperSonicSoul)

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