The Best Story You'll Read Today: Quincy Pondexter's Dad Is "Bonecrusher"

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You do not mess with a man named "Bonecrusher."
University of Washington hoops star Quincy Pondexter is a stud. The senior averages nearly a double-double, is considered a top prospect in the upcoming NBA draft and just became only the fifth player in Pac-10 history to be named Player of the Week four times in one season.

He's the kind of guy your average sports journalist would kill to profile. If only they could come up with an interesting angle.

Like, say, how Pondexter's dad was also an NBA prospect? Who ended up a prison guard at California's most notorious penitentiary? Earned the name "Bonecrusher" because he used his 6-foot-7 frame to torture hardened criminals? And that he was part of an infamous group of guards who shot and killed inmates for sport?

An angle like that?

All of this and much, much more was documented in Richard Stratton's excellent 1999 Esquire article, "The Making of Bonecrusher." An article that would have completely escaped our notice if not for this ESPN piece about how Bonecrusher is now redeemed from sins in a previous life and helping to guide his talented son.

I'm not trying to use this post as a means to beat up on our local sports press corps. More as a way to guide you, dear reader, to a gripping yarn I think you might enjoy.

But still, I've got to wonder who was asleep at the wheel here.

Pondexter, as I mentioned, isn't some scrub playing garbage minutes. He's UW's best player. Whose life, it would seem, would have been scrutinized by press-row stalwarts since his first day on campus.

And yet, in what I'll be the first to admit is by no means a completely comprehensive search, the only mention I've seen is one graf from this 2005 P-I story when Pondexter first chose to come to Montlake. Hardly ample explanation when talking, again, about a guy named Bonecrusher.

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