Susan Powell's Parents Suspect Husband Josh Powell Behind Her Disappearance

Susan's parents have finally come around to the idea that their son-in-law might be responsible for their daughter's disappearance.
UPDATE: After breaking their silence, Susan Powell's parents are back with details of how their son-in-law Josh tried to control their daughter's life. After the jump.

When last we heard from Josh Powell, husband of missing Utah stockbroker Susan Powell, he was packing up his two sons for a move to Puyallup. Now, our sister blog True Crime Report says that Susan's parents have finally turned on Josh.

"Most of our readers knew all along there was something wrong with Josh Powell's story. He supposedly took a midnight camping trip with their young children from their suburban Salt Lake City home--in the middle of the winter.

Then he arrived home after missing a day of work--only to find his wife Susan gone. There were no signs of forced entry. Her keys, credit cards and cell phone were all at home, as was her car. Friends say there's no way she'd leave without her kids."

"Then there was her husband Josh. He quickly lawyered up and refused to answer detailed questions from police. He also refused to show them where he went camping. In the middle of what was supposed to be a search for his wife, he moved with the kids to Washington state to live with his father.

"All along, Susan's parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, declined to cast aspersions at their son-in-law. They're devout Mormons inclined to believe the best about people. They wanted to buy Josh's pleas that he wasn't involved.

"But two months after the December 7 disappearance, they finally seemed to have realized that Josh is the likely suspect.

"They still believe their daughter is alive. But they now admit Josh has done nothing to help police find her. "He's the last person who saw my daughter--his wife--alive," Chuck Cox told ABC4-TV. 'He's got to know something. He's got to help out. He's thrown a roadblock without his cooperation.'

They also say Josh refuses to let them see their grandkids unless they visit them at his father's house in Puyallup, Washington. So far, that's been a no-go for the Coxes. No matter how polite they spin it, they won't visit the home of the man they must know killed their daughter."

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UPDATE: According to family and friends, Josh tried to control every part of Susan's life, making her miserable in the process.

At a press conference, Susan's friends say that they had assumed she was an avid gardener. Not knowing that she was actually trying to grow enough food to live, seeing as how Josh wouldn't give her enough money to feed the kids.

Susan was the breadwinner. But Josh treated her like an employee he suspected of stealing, repeatedly changing their bank access code so she couldn't get her hands on her own money.

Her friends say Susan also told them she planned on ending the marriage on April 6, their anniversary, but disappeared before that date.

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