Scouting Mayor Mike McGinn's Basketball Game

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Photoshop wizardry courtesy of Sam Dawson
NBA Jam Mike McGinn sez: BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA!
Since Barack Obama was elected president, a million and one articles have been written about how our new Commander in Chief eschews the traditional leisure sport of the powerful (golf) in favor of one that requires a resting heartbeat below 120 bpm (pick-up basketball).

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is no different. As this soft-focus profile from The Seattle Times a month before his election shows, McGinn has been playing ball since his days at UW law school, with a game friends describe as "deceptively slow."

How someone acts off the court is a good way of telling how they might act on it. So here's a scouting report of how I think McGinn the Weekend Warrior might work his magic on the hardwood, based on McGinn the Mayor has spent his first two months in office.

Name: Mike McGinn

School(s): University of Washington; Williams College

Age: 49

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 230ish

Always goes left; no right hand...poor vertical jump, not because of limited physical ability, but out of principal; says things that fly require too much gas...calls moving screens and charges just because he enjoys the arguments that follow...believes a 0-9 skunking is actually a victory...disagrees with idea behind shirts and skins but agrees to strip down because it's "the will of the people"...not the most fun to play with, but dynamite organizer...when hurt and forced into role as coach, insists on 12-man rotation "so every voice in the community is heard"..talks often of his interest in making cuts, yet doesn't follow through...hates driving the lane; says it's "too crowded," "wasteful use of space."

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