"Santa Claus Burglar" Stuck in Chimney for Six Hours Charged

shon michael shanell.jpg
Old Saint Nick he's not.
Shon Michael Shanell either needs to lose weight or find a new line of work.

On Friday night, cops found the 23-year-old man stuck in the chimney of a Seward Park house. And because the only thing cops love more than catching dumb criminals is giving them nicknames, they immediately dubbed him "the Santa Claus burglar."

As one officer said of Shanell's chimney odyssey, which lasted six long hours, "This is my 42nd year as a cop. I ain't never seen this."

Shanell, who has prior convictions for drugs and stolen property, apparently propped a chair onto an a.c. unit to get onto the roof. He's currently being held on $100,000 bail, has been charged with attempted residential burglary and is destined to be a station house punchline for years to come.

(H/T: The Blotter)

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