Rhonda Breard, High Profile Investor, May Have Bilked Clients, Attempted Suicide

Breard is suspected of stealing her client's money.
Rhonda Breard made her name in the local investment world by buying ads on TV and going after big clients. Now that her brokerage firm has revoked her license, and state regulators have begun looking more closely at allegations that she bilked her clients, the very visible Breard has disappeared.

Clients say they sent her checks and got statements in the mail showing their money had been deposited. But now it appears that some of those documents may have been altered or completely falsified. Meaning many may have lost their entire life savings.

There's no word yet on how many people may be affected or how much money might be involved. But judging by Breard's lifestyle, the final tally could end up in the millions.

She owns two homes -- one Lake Washington property in an area known as "The Garden of Eden" and a house in Redmond -- worth nearly $5 million. She also has eight cars, six snowmobiles, three jet skis and a motorhome.

Breard's Kirkland office has been shuttered. Her website is "under construction." Even her Facebook account seems to have been removed.

King 5 was able to talk to a man at one of Breard's homes who said she couldn't talk because she was suffering from a "medical trauma." A possible allusion to the suicide attempt that KOMO says reportedly happened on February 10, the day her license was terminated.

This isn't Breard's first brush with regulators. As King 5 reported, early in her career she resigned from Smith Barney over allegations of unauthorized trading. She's also paid restitution on numerous complaints, including one for nearly $75,000.

In a 2008 interview with 425 Magazine, Breard was asked what drove her ambitions. Her answer: "Shopping at Nordstrom of course!!! Seriously though, I think it's something that was born in me, I never seem to be satisfied with the 'status quo.' I am always striving to improve and excel."

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