Queen Anne's Counterbalance Park Defaced by Highly Resourceful, Aesthetically Unimaginative Morons

Tagging's cool, we all know that. And at a time when the city is literally laying off hundreds of people, and services are being cut everywhere, it's nice to know that Seattle Parks gets to blow part of its meager budget trying to clean up after the assholes who tagged Counterbalance Park on Lower Queen Anne last night.

Admittedly, the park is kind of crying out for rough treatment, given its stark, tabula rasa design. As Brian Miller noted in his public-art cover story last April, this is the rare park that most comes to life at night.

And admittedly, it's an impressive feat--these guys must have hung off ropes or something. [Correction: Not that impressive; fire extinguishers are apparently the standard method, according to comments below. Duh, kind of obvious from looking at it.] The parks staff themselves were baffled at how the taggers pulled this off. They seem to make a specialty of scaling sheer vertical surfaces, as they (or someone akin to them) did in 2008 on the wall alongside Vain salon in Belltown.

Still, couldn't 3AK BTM--who would seem to be part of a tribute cult for deceased graffiti hero Kerse--have come up with something a little more deserving of wall space than this scrawl?

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