National Weather Service Says Seattle at Risk of Drowning in Democracy

Recognizing the urgent need to save this man, Mayor Mike McGinn today announced his formation of a Life Raft Committee.
If democracy could somehow be rendered in liquid form, Columbia Tower would be underwater.

For proof, look no further than Mayor Mike McGinn, who couldn't find a dozen people to attend the first meeting of his Police Chief Committee, but remains undeterred. Asking the public once again to help him make decisions they elected him to think through for them.

In a video posted yesterday, McGinn announced his new Family and Youth initiative. Which will consist of--not exaggerating here--five town halls, 50 to 100 "community caucuses" (they're proposing so many meetings they're running out of synonyms for "meetings") and finally, exhaustively, a call for even more ideas at a new url,

What will come of so much civic engagement? Why, an action plan, of course.

What will be the end result of this action plan? We have no fucking clue.

As McGinn says in the video, "Wherever this discussion leads us, we'll go there." Well, at least he's not being too broad.

This afternoon, Mark pointed out that endless public meetings, and Seattleites blowing off those endless public meetings, are nothing new to the city. That's why it's called the "Seattle process."

What is different now with McGinn, in 2010, is that, thanks largely to the internet, there are 20 new ways to collect input. And therefore 20 new ways for the mayor, with the public's help, to talk endlessly around a problem without doing anything about it.

The mayor is drowning us in ways we can help him help us. Here's hoping he doesn't propose another committee to figure out how to solve this newest problem.

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