Nate Robinson's Roller Coaster Reaches Its Apex Again as He's Named Knicks' Starting Point Guard

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If you'll be my buddyguard, Dave, I can be your long-lost point guard.
Regardless of how much he loved visiting the Fun Forest while growing up in Seattle, we're betting Nate Robinson isn't so fond of roller coasters these days. After winning the Slam Dunk Contest and being proclaimed the flavor of many months in New York last year, he had to practically beg his employers for a one-year deal over the summer before finding himself chained to the bench for 14 consecutive games and subjected to trade rumors.

But in his first game off that bench, Robinson went berserk, scoring 41 points to lead the Knicks to a comeback win over fellow Rainier Beach alum Jamal Crawford's Atlanta Hawks. Since then, he's been a fixture in Mike D'Antoni's rotation. And now that Chris Duhon has sucked to the point where he's earned a spot in D'Antoni's doghouse, Robinson's been named the Knicks' starting point guard.

This is great news for Robinson, but it could be something of a tactical ruse. The NBA's trading deadline is but two short weeks away, and the Knicks are intent on clearing whatever cap space they can to make a run at LeBron James or Dwyane Wade this coming off-season. Hence, there's virtually no way Nate-Rob will be a Knick next year, so if they want to fetch anything for him--most likely, a contract dump and a second-rounder--they'll be well-served to showcase him all they can.

It's been said the Celtics, who lack a pure backup point guard, are interested in his services. Not that anyone will ever mistake Robinson for a pure point guard, but if he shows more competence than Eddie House as a floor general (a pretty low bar to clear, frankly), his Kryptonate jersey won't be the only green he'll own.

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