Mike McGinn's Police Chief Search Committee Outnumbers Audience at First Public Meeting

Good seats still available.
Seattle needs a new police chief. And since Mayor Mike McGinn's preferred form of governance is the very democratic "town hall," he's decided that the best way to narrow down the list of candidates is to ask people who've never flashed a badge, walked a beat or ridden in a patrol car what they want from the new guy.

It's an incredibly inefficient, Seattle-y way to fill a position that probably only has four or five legitimately qualified candidates to begin with. And it's also looking like a PR blunder.

Because last night, during the first of three planned public meetings, the 26-member Seattle Police Chief Search Committee (more efficiency!) actually outnumbered the audience at Northgate Community Center.

That picture you see above comes from Jonah Spangenthal-Lee of SeattleCrime. Spangenthal-Lee decided to attend the meeting. Why? Because he's a masochist, that's why.

Five minutes before it was to begin, he was the only audience member. Only later, he says, did people start to trickle in. A final tally he thinks didn't even add up to double digits.

But don't worry. Only two more of these meetings to go. Then the committee, using the vast amount of public input they've gathered, will narrow down the list to three candidates ... in May. From which Mayor McGinn will choose a replacement ... in June.

Slow down there, guvment! You movin' too fast!

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