Microsoft Imagines Alternate Universe in Which Bing Is Profitable

flushing money down the toilet.jpg
No one understood why the toilets in Microsoft's online services division were always clogged.
Bing, Microsoft's "decision" engine, costs the company a ton of money. How much?

According to Henry Blodget at Silicon Business Insider, Microsoft has spent $667 million for every point of market share Bing has stolen away from Google and Yahoo! since its launch last summer. (A total of three points, btw, meaning a total of $2 billion spent.)

So with Microsoft throwing good money after bad in an effort to earn a seat at the search table, it's OK to be skeptical when one of their VPs tells Reuters this:

"There's no question we intend to make a profit."

Optimism is great. But as Blodget says, when you've been staring at the business end of red numbers for four years now, it starts to look less like positive thinking and more like delusion.

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